What is it?

You can think of it like an internal Google Street View, however, it's better than that.

Users can go beyond this to experience the space in VR through use of headsets like Google Cardboard through to the Samsung Gear, and many in between.


Anywhere you can market something with an image, this will enhance that.

It will allow your users or potential customers to be transported into the scenes that are captured, help them make informed decisions on things like where they want to sit in a restaurant or bar to building excitement leading up to an event and much, much more.

VR Ready

Each scan can be made VR ready to provide an immersive experience.

The VR option allows anyone with a compatible smart phone and an affordable headset such as a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear, to navigate the completed scan in Virtual Reality.

Simply download a third party application to your device for free and dive into the model.

Current Examples

Novotel Bokan

#restaurants #bars

Novotel Suite


Lenox House B&B


St George's Cottage


St Mark's Square


Acorn Tileyard